Friday, 21 August 2009

'Agency Scum'/'Bad Mannaz' - Redbeard (free downloads)

Now this is original stuff - Redbeard rapping about working for a recruitment agency - you've never heard that before! Over a Kelakovski beat Mr. Beard chats about timewasting, breaks, steel toecaps and high-vis vests as he works at a warehouse, a factory and an office - top stuff.

The second free track taken from Redbeard's forthcoming 'Tha Bearded Wonda' LP is produced by Jon Phonics and features S.K. and Sam Stealth and it's called 'Bad Mannaz'. Phonics keeps the beat menacing during the verse before it explodes into some dirty bassline in the chorus. S.K. brings his unique madness to the mix.

Redbeard - 'Bad Mannaz' ft. S.K. & Sam Stealth

The dirty versions of these two tracks can be heard at Redbeard's Reverbnation page.

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RustyJay said...

Fresh here... listened to them yesterday on 'shitespace' - shouts 2 redbeard !