Wednesday, 12 August 2009

'Taste Of Pain' - Xidus Pain (mixtape review)

If you like your Hip Hop serious and political then check out Xidus Pain and his new mixtape project ‘Taste of Pain’. Tracks such as ‘The Political Gangsterz’ and ‘Gunz’ (just one hint at a 2Pac influence, others come on ‘There’s So Much Pain’ and ‘You Can’t Deny’) discuss topics such as conflict diamonds and the government’s responsibility for street crime.

Love is another big theme – ‘My Life Stories’ discusses his late mother, ‘Krush’ tells the story of a relationship’s honeymoon period, ‘Love Calendar’ picks up the tale and ‘My Love For’ details Xidus’ bond with Hip Hop. ‘Over Diamonds’ also discusses an abusive relationship and infidelity.

Tracks such as ‘Propain’ (a statement of intent from his partnership with producer Prozach) and ‘It’s Raw (Rawshack)’ (featuring Renee Soul and produced by U-Up) display Xidus’ ability to make straight up heavy Hip Hop tracks.

‘Taste Of Pain’ is available now at Suspect Packages.

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