Thursday, 6 August 2009

'Wizstrumentals' - Wizard (free download)

Whichever wizstrumental you pick to listen to first, maybe it'll be 'Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms' or 'Dirtbox Taktix', I can guarantee that the second the track begins playing you'll be trapped in headnod mode - so trapped that hitting stop or at least pause will be out of the question. I feel sorry for the MCs out there among you - you'll have to rhyme for an hour and a half over 44 different yet equally banging instrumentals.

'Wizstrumentals' has been floating about for a few weeks now and if you've not yet hit a download button somewhere then take the chance to do it now. Wizard recently provided beats for Sleaze's album and I can see that he'll be catering for a few more MCs in the near future - beats is ill son!

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