Monday, 17 August 2009

'Young Gun Geordie Vol. 2' - Suus (free download)

New and improved, young Newcastle rapper Suus is back with 'Young Gun Geordie Vol. 2'. With a grasp of the English language that 99% of the teenage British population just don't have Suus displays a real gift for constructing rhymes. It's not just big words and interesting topics though - he's got the delivery to match. Don't let his extreme Northern-ness put you off either, put away your preconceptions, forget about other Geordie MCs who might have repulsed you previously and download this.

The use of autotune on 'Abnormal' is almost too slick to be a joke, but best believe, he hates autotune so it's OK. Whilst you and I might not agree with 'Test Your Faith', it displays Suus's thinking side as he speaks out on something often avoided in Hip Hop. 'Not 30 Something' is pretty funny as Suus takes on Dre's Jay-Z beat. Sinima's 'Not Alright' is exemplary of the rising production talent that Suus has drafted in for this release.

This is good already and if Suus keeps on, who knows where he'll be when he hits 20? To his credit, there are limited signs of immaturity here - this definitely will appeal to an older audience.

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