Thursday, 13 August 2009

'Tekkin Di Diamonds' - Joker Starr (free download)

Certified Banger favourite and 'On The Radar' stalwart Joker Starr kicks a serious topic in an entertaining and hilarious way (fake African MC voice, think Sway's Charlie Boy) over Biggie's nostalgic sounding 'Juicy' beat. Check the comedy lyrics:

"Don't think we are not clever, Shirley Bassey told us diamonds are forever, So that means that it makes money whenever, it does not diminish in price"

"American men have weird fashion senses, bracelets and diamond necklace, I don't know really what to tink, becau' all these bubba boys are wearing pink, I don't know what sexuality they require, just be judging them by they attire, if they ever come back home to Sierra Leone, we grab them up and bun them in car tyres"

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