Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Free New Orphans of Cush Tracks

Couple of free tracks for all you salivating Cushites out there: M9 just dropped these on his blog to whet your appetites for Orphans of Cush (pictured left in a very 90s rap group pose - think Onyx or Naughty By Nature).

'Rain Blood' and 'Reflections' can be yours - they're just a click or two away so do the download thing and get some of that hardcore British realness.

'White Noize', the group's first LP, will be out on October 5th. You can expect every track to tackle "particular issues" and the album as a whole "aims at raising awareness of what is really happening with our youth, particularly black youth as statistics show that they are the most affected in an environment which is not only void of support but almost void of any spiritual, moral guidance." - deep stuff as usual.

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