Monday, 3 August 2009

'...Present Volume 1' - The Krate Krusaders (free download)

The creators of two of 'On The Radar's best recieved tracks, Krate Krusaders, have yet another free giveaway for you.

The first volume kicks off with an excellent live MPC megamix of recognisable tracks which is followed by Remus and his track 'Respect Ur Elders' (from 'OTR Vol. 2) and then newcomer Vex takes over the mic for the bouncy, scratchy 'Vex is Dead'.

The ominous 'Pscience' features Clarity, Farma G and Cappo - each one dropping thrilling rhymes right on point.

Kasha, Logic, Ramson Badbonez (with 'OTR Vol. 3' track 'Incredible'), Fenetik, Saga Sphinx, Crucifix, Devi and Ahmos all get a piece of the beat action too. Download this and Krate Krusaders will keep your nead nodding, and all for the price of a five finger discount - top notchness this is.

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