Wednesday, 12 August 2009

'Catch My Drift' - Luc Skyz (single review)

You may have caught Luc Skyz on past releases from Jon Phonics or Mr. Drastick but the Hip Hop sound of those projects is all but absent on his new single ‘Catch My Drift’. Tradition goes out of the window as producer Raptor (of Sway’s Dcypha Productions) drafts in an abundance of electro sounds – a polished meeting of Electro and Grime.

The Hip Hop sound that remains is courtesy of Luc’s own vocals – the inspiration of Wu-Tang, ATCQ, Biggie and Nas still holds sway. With clarity and skill Skyz drops lyrical verses that demonstrate a better vocabulary than most of the artists in his target market.

‘Catch My Drift’ is out on 7th September on Eastside Records.

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