Thursday, 6 August 2009

'The Humble Bees Project' - Shur-i-kan (album review)

Shur-i-Kan's 'The Humble Bees Project' kicks off with some Native Tongues like Hip Hop on 'Mystik' with UK rappers Ty and Hkb Finn and French MC taking mic duties in their stride - an awesome way to kick off an LP. Then, hailing from Birmingham and representing the female gender, comes Rawality with some coolly delivered verses on 'High Street Rocka' - a track still in that 90s groove.

The rest of the LP takes the headnod, boom bap instrumental route that producers like Aim have trod before - a proven road to success. With a variety of moods catered for, some differing takes on the classic Hip Hop sound (towards the end of the LP) and tracks like 'The Pickup' incorporating some choice spoken word samples there's plenty to get involved with. Hkb Finn returns four more times, twice alone (on 'Humble Zone' and 'Take a Minute') and twice accompanied (by Rawality and Lotek on 'Survival of the Fittest' and by Eshe Escoffery on 'Feel The Love') almost making the album his own - lyrically, at least.

'The Humble Bee Project' is an excellent LP from a producer after my own heart. Hip Hop's classic mould is treated with respect throughout without the music becoming stuck in a time warp. It's out now on Ballpark Records and can be bought on itunes.

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