Tuesday, 25 August 2009

'We Ain't Rich Yet' - Mr. Witts (album review)

I love it when an unknown artist gets in touch and then sends a really great looking product. Obviously I love it even more if the CD inside the artwork sounds good too. Mr. Witts did just that.

Mr. Witts is from Stroud (I’ve just been on Google maps, it’s in Gloucester between Birmingham and Bristol) so he’s got the relevant regional accent – all good when you’re trying to stand out from the crowd. He does his own production and the 11 tracks on ‘We Ain’t Rich Yet’ are all a one man job – apart from the additional sung female vocals by Aimee Bea Ballinger.

Over what sound like non-sampled productions with a healthy amount of bottom end Mr. Witts raps seriously about the realities of life. For a debut DIY release this is a fine attempt - a little more originality in concept and subject matter to match the more inventive beats wouldn’t go amiss next time but this is a solid release no less.

‘We Ain’t Rich Yet’ is available from Mr. Witts himself by emailing him at bdot@live.co.uk.

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