Wednesday, 12 August 2009

'Ido Presents: Sound Bites' - Vecks (album review)

Having the right voice for Hip Hop is a handy weapon and when clever rhyme writing skills and faultless delivery complete your arsenal; half the battle is already won. Thankfully Vecks fires off over a heavy selection of Ido’s beats ensuring that victory is his on his debut LP ‘Sound Bites’.

Ido’s 13 original productions will keep your neck snapping for just under 40 minutes (a very listener-friendly length for an album) as Vecks effortlessly raps on an egotistical tip. If you’re looking for social commentary and other such sombre subjects then look elsewhere. If often hilarious put downs, punch lines and self-aggrandisement is more your thing then look no further than a place that sells this CD.

Vecks invites a select few guests along in the form of Longusto, Scizzahs, Enlish and Teej – all of whom contribute to the overall impression of the album.

‘Ido Presents…Vecks: Sound Bites’ is out now and is available at Suspect Packages.

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