Monday, 24 August 2009

'On The Radar Vol. 4' Track Highlight: 'Dreamcatchers' ft. JND - Knew Jeru'slum

Name: Knew Jeru'slum - Watson G, Jonny Alpha & Belinda Hards
Age: – Collectively 79 years old, mostly in favour of Jonny Alpha, don’t be fooled by his Oil of Olay looks.

From: Hudds and Halifax

Track on ‘On The Radar’: ‘Dreamcatchers’ ft. JND

Tell us the story behind the track: The track’s produced by Eliphino (9 Livez), and features one of our extended fam, JND. He's dope and always comes with some freshness, so we asked him to jump on this as we’d been talkin collabos for a minute. I watched a film with the same title, and thought it’d be good just to write to a title, get three different perspectives on the word. We took too long from start to finish with gaps inbetween movements on it - a year must be a record!

Record label: Don’t Talk to Strangers fam.

Who you roll with: The main fam are Bane, Mury Poppinz (No Pretense) Chief Wigz, Optics, Spida Lee, Brutal Artistry, Mega Mouth, Ball-Z, Deadboy,TCB, Guvnor, Mikey 3D...We like to think were pretty tight with a certain Miss Tofelees (Biggin’ her up so we get more beats!)...couple of mans further afield like Iz-real, Naryckin, Turtle hands. We're working a bit with Whichcraft too(the artist, not the pastime!).

Favourite album: Jonny - Personally, I’d throw Gravediggaz '6ftDeep' up there, along with 'Illmatic' (Watson – “me too” and 'Baduism')

Describe your style in three words: Watson - “Completely – Mixed & Diverse,”..Jonny – “True – imaginative - Poetry!” Belinda – “Timeless – soulful – real”

Past/Present/Future projects: You can check the DTTS myspace for all previous releases and who's whos. As far as Knew Jerus goes, our album ‘Jerus & Gentiles’ will be the first project, out very early 2010, featuring production mostly from Miki B, and featuring beats from Guvnor and Eliphino, Our first single on Download only –‘Non-Apologetix’ came out a bit ago ft. Manchild from Mars Ill Available on i-tunes, next single is a Double A side 12” Hibernation ft. Pigeon John, and on the flip No Pretense ft. Prince Po – Elevation.

We got an album entirely over Guvnor beats in the pipe line for 2010, an EP called ‘Plastercine’ ft. Some very special guests, and we’re each working on solo material too, keep check on the DTTS myspace for schedules, and other interesting ish happening - we’re busy bees!

Watch out for a couple of guest spots from us here and out for WYdeboi’s EP!

Watch out for the DTTS releases in the next 12 months, it’s getting BIG!


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