Tuesday, 25 August 2009

'It's So Different Here' - Tom Caruana (album review)

Don your lifejacket, hoist the mainsail – and then slip Tom Caruana’s latest LP ‘It’s So Different Here’ into your yacht’s boombox. Embark on a voyage to somewhere truly unlike the usual realms of UK Hip Hop.

Caruana’s newest album is a pastiche of amusing snippets, bits and bobs and rapping over happy time beats – TC certainly keeps things interesting. With less than half the tracks resembling traditional rap songs it’s fun for the whole family.

The title track sees Tom rapping about fishing over a sample previously heard on a Beatnuts track, single ‘Someone Else’ speaks volumes of truth about the personalities we all choose and ‘Wonderlust’ featuring Vecks is straight up head bob Hip Hop. Elemental features on ‘Blind Bob’s Vengeance’ which is a breakneck speed pirate themed track – top stuff.

For lots of laughs head over to Tea Sea Records and order yourself a copy of ‘It’s So Different Here’ – don’t take your bloodclart selves so seriously UK Hip Hop heads. This LP is the follow up to 'Welcome Aboard' (available free from Buda Beats or on CD from Disorda at Suspect Packages) and if you really get into the mood of things Tom's holding a colouring-in competition so people can colour in the front and back cover and send them in to me, the best one will get printed as a limited edition reissue - the page to download the artwork is www.teasearecords.net/competitions.

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