Friday, 14 August 2009

Ewan Hoozami and Whichcraft (free download)

Just in case you haven't had enough Bristol-based music today, here's some more:

Ewan Hoozami (see what he's done there? Love it.) has hooked up with rapper Whichcraft to conjure up (alright, that was bad, I know) a couple of tracks. Whichcraft appears to be from the US and if I've found the right one on myspace he's from NY/Charlotte, NC.

The tracks come on that Def Jux/Epitaph type vibe - quite alternative/indie, pretty dark and paranoid. If ill lyricism about things of the night from a guy who actually might be a vampire is your thing then check out these tracks. Ewan Hoozami's beats probably served to further fuel the MCs psychotic vocals - a perfect match.

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