Tuesday, 25 August 2009

'The Need To Be Heard' - Karl Hinds (album review)

It’s been 5 years since he dropped his last album but Karl Hinds is back with ‘The Need To Be Heard’. If you’re a fan of tracks like ‘Don Gramma’ and ‘You Don Know’ then don’t get too excited about this release – there is nothing of that classic calibre here. ‘Sarcasm’ is the closest Karl gets to his previous highs – definitely the album’s biggest track. Last track ‘Conspire to Deceive’ is also pretty hot and ‘Over 3 Years’ could have the potential to appeal to fans of the new wave of British urban music.

The rest of the LP, unfortunately, falls flat. It’s not that Hinds can’t spit – he can, but the tracks just don’t grab the listener and a lot of the production seems kinda out of tune. This is a collection of pretty competently made Hip Hop (and I hate to be the one who says this) but musically and conceptually it just does not stand up in the current scene.

‘The Need To Be Heard’ will be about in September or October on Ill Flava Records so you can make your own judgments on this CD then.

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