Monday, 3 August 2009

'From London To Berlin' - Manny Moscow (free download)

Don't ask how he does it - just accept that he does. London's Manny Moscow, hot on the heels of 'Live From The Kremlin', has dropped 'From London To Berlin' - a 21 track mixtape from himself and Germany's DJ Easy.

The mixtape kicks off with two tracks from his ‘The Three Piece Exkursion’ EP before moving onto a selection of exclusives, produced tracks and freestyles featuring guest verses from LATE, Conman and Shepherd and production from Mr. Bills, Spectral, 9Lives, J Romes, Loko from Hill Productions and of course Tricksta who makes these things happen the way they do.

If I had to draw a comparison (and I'm not in the habit of doing this) then I'd say fans of Klashnekoff should grab a download to hear some serious, lyrical street observations.

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