Friday, 21 August 2009

'Spinning Round'/'Busy Road'/'That's Entertainment' - Scorzayzee (free downloads)

Scorzayzee's forthcoming LP must be a belter - these three tracks didn't make the final cut and they're blinders. Scorzayzee speaks so much sense on 'Spinning Round', 'That's Entertainment' and 'Busy Road (remix)' - in his dormant years he's really had his thinking cap on. Birth, life, death, God, creation, drugs, families, fame, riches - it's just so refreshing to hear these topics covered in style and without being preachy. This is some quality UK Hip Hop, I'm really feeling these tracks. All three tracks are produced by Nick Stez.

Scorzayzee - 'Spinning Round'
Scorzayzee - 'Busy Road (remix)'
Scorzayzee - 'That's Entertainment'

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chatta said...

id go as far to say of the finest mc's worldwide
big up scorz, north of the board kidda!