Friday, 14 August 2009

'Suicide Clutch Rap' - Milestone (free download)

Ignore the weird and off putting name, get this on download and devote half an hour to checking this out. Milestone, aka Mylo from The Swamps, has gathered together a nice selection of producers and MCs to put together 'Suicide Clutch Rap'.

There are strong connections here with Geordie crew Dialect (and if you checked their 'D.Day' set then you'll want to hear this) with Peta Max and Chattabox both mucking in. Mylo also brings Sam Otis of Bristol crew Lowercase (and also of The Swamps with Chattabox and Mylo) and a whole host of other blokes including Bristol rappers B'Tol and Chalk MC on the raps and Shanksy, Joey Blitz, Rola, Mr. Monk (of Fat Club), Herboy and Flipz on the boards.

Anyway, the beats will keep your cranium violently bobbing and the raps will make you wonder who wronged these guys and which mental disease has them in its steely grasp - great stuff, if you like that kind of thing!

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