Wednesday, 25 July 2007

10Shott on Blogspot

In anticipation of my interview with 10Shott (which may be happening in person tomorrow) I've been scouring the internet for bits and pieces. First off here are some more tracks from Tricksta's UK Runnings Series:

10SHOTT - Cool Down
10SHOTT - Eye Contact
10SHOTT & GABZ - Tell em who he is
10SHOTT & SIZE8 - Nobody Do It Like We (Dave Bass remix)

Next for you are some videos; this track is beautiful and, if you have just listened to the above tracks, it goes to show a sensitive, more thoughtful side to 10Shott. 10Shott is refreshing in that he can maintain credibilty whatever his subject matter where some artists become very cringeworthy.

Then there are freestyles in their multitudes. Seems that every 2 or 3 days 10Shotts management have uploaded an in-studio freestyle onto youtube. I'll put a few up here but do check them all out, they are seriously hot and fresh, they're like a breath of fresh air.

Story telling:

And with a nice piano (this verse is one of the songs above):

Again visit you tube for all of the freestyle series 'cause dis... a di real.

I'd better go write some questions.


Unknown said...

haha small world. Hexham's where my gran lives!

Yeah I lived in newcastle then durham and now in huddersfield.

Anyway, checked out your site and i like what your doing there. If you fancy exchanging links then just drop me a comment.

Cheers mate.

Tom said...

That boy has got some sick rhymes, get that interview written up before you forget it all!