Tuesday, 10 July 2007


Hi Aidan, We have no problem with you hosting these tracks and it's great to
hear that people are taking notice.

I guess you will not be aware that
10SHOTT is currently in the middle of recording his debut studio album (with
Zion Records), and whilst 'Big Hitter' will be coming out first through
Wolftown, the studio album, as yet untitled, is groundbreaking. He is co
Producing the album with Creative Productions (20 x top 20 hits) and everybody
in the studio says it is, without a doubt, the best project they have ever had
on the desk.

If you want to do an interview or similar please contact
me and I will arrange this for you.

Regards, Lisa

Nice one eh? Hows about I arrange the interview and you write the questions? Leave any questions in the comments section for me.

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