Friday, 27 July 2007

Thoughts without music

It's come to the end of a good day. I had a nice lie in, my Fiancee made curry for lunch (thanks Bec), I interviewed 10Shott and heard some amazing new music fresh from the studio (thanks to Lisa for the hook-up) and I watched Donnie Darko again and had a good discussion about it (postmodernist rubbish or thought provoking art?).

I've also been catching up on some other blogs. There are some favourite ones I wish to share and some I wish didn't exist.

Eclectic Hermit is doing what he does best (being eclectic) and consistently posting good music of all varieties. His writing is sharp, on point and witty and there is sure to be something you like on there.

Another favourite of mine is Snow Day Music. These boys (and girl) are from Canada and show pure enthusiasm for the music they love. They also rep the UK so they deserve a clap and a visit.

Just recently a bloke's blog has really caught my attention simply for his devout love of UK Hip Hop. Adam over at Northern Author is a bit like me -he was born in the North East and now lives in West Yorkshire and he likes Hip Hop and writing - you know it's a good look.

Also worth a mention, a visit and a thank you are Until the Train Stops (for his excellent writing, comments and links), Passion of the Weiss (again), Retro Music Snob (for the repeated links), Let's start over (who has linked me, get in touch) and Hype Machine for blowing my page visits through the roof.

As for the ones who I wish didn't exist, well, I'm not going to name and shame. I will tell you why they have got my goat today. Blogging should be primarily for writing, it doesn't have to be particularly good writing but it should be present. I've started to see bloggers who think that posting an entire album and some poor quality artwork is worth wasting web space on. Not only is it pointless and indicative of a total lack of creativity, it is ruining the livelihood of music without even a smidgen of justification. I know there are probably alot of greedy blog visitors out there who just come to plunder the mp3's - the sort who don't care about the writing - and this inferior blogging suits them just fine, but people, please have some dignity. Tell us why you like that album. Show some ability to make choices; tell us which are your favourite and only upload that track. Take pride in your presentation and content. These things aren't hard to do and for me and those like me, your blogs will be more appealing.

I've (I say I've, I mean Bec and I) been thinking of some new ideas for the blog. The Top 100 thing blew up but once it's done, it's done. There will be follow up posts to the Top 100 to discuss omissions and possible recent ammendments but I'm thinking beyond that. We came up with a few ideas that hopefully will keep you, the reader, satisfied everytime you find yourself clicking that Certified Banger bookmark.

Thanks to all my visitors, especially those who are readers and who enjoy music responsibly. I invite you to come back anytime and I hope what I provide satisfies.

On a final note, if there are any artists out there who want their music heard, who feel this is the right place and who don't mind giving up a free mp3 or two, drop me a line and if it's good enough I'll whack it up here for!


Unknown said...

cheers for the comment about me mate!

Yeah i know 10shott. I remember getting the debut wolftown commitee album, by the villianz i think back in about 2000. Had 'UK sound' on it. Good album that made me go out and get the Vicious Circle album too. Some of the wolftown music is a bit hit and miss for me but some is brilliant. I'll give 10shott a listen.

Oh, and get a CBox!!!

Anonymous said...

well said, and as always thoroughly appreciate the shout-out

Tom said...

Thanks for bigging up my eclectic self, hype machine still says no to me!

what was the site you used to find the pigeon tracks?

Anonymous said...

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