Wednesday, 18 July 2007

hypem + fileden = blogging disaster

Sorry that I'm harping on about this but, I just want to keep you folks informed. Sorry to all the people who are coming now and can't download the latest tunes from my blog. I have devised a cunning plan so that I wont be at the mercies of Fileden for too long but so that my tunes will show up on Hypem; it does involve Zshare, sorry homies. This will be in effect as of tomorrow so please surf back this way in 24 hours time.

All said and done, welcome new readers, hope you find a home (and some mp3's you like) here.



Tom said...

I feel for ya even though the 'blogging disaster' title was hilarious!

Cheers for the mention concerning Aphex over at Nialler, I got the drop but always post too late!

Mr. Real Talk said...

use ysi.

Anonymous said...

Just stick them in groups of 10 on Rapidshare/Megaupload or torrent. Those services are fine as long as you don't have to download 10 individual files.

Thanks for the list anyway. Enjoying it.