Tuesday, 3 July 2007


We all like things don’t we? There is not a person who will read this who can’t say that they don’t like anything. Even someone who doesn’t like anything probably likes not liking anything.

When rappers make songs about things they like it’s incredibly cheesy, annoying and lazy or just refreshing that they’re being so positive. It must be easy to make an ‘I like…’ song because you can just lie about things to make it rhyme and it gives you the possibility to have a very broad range of subject matter. Here are three for you to start a collection with:

O-Fresh - I like that
An ice cream truck and a falsetto sunshine begin this track which is somewhere along the lines of LFO’s ‘Summertime Girls’ and other such white boy singy summery ‘hip hop’ tracks.

KJ-52 - Things I like ft. Goldin Child
Another white boy who likes Air Force Ones, Napoleon Dynamite and joking and laughing; honestly, it’s not me.

A Skillz & Krafty Kuts - Simple things ft. Real Elements
Your man here just likes simple things.

DJ Hoobydangler - I dont like cricket ft. 10CC
10CC - Dreadlock Holiday
This is one of the best summery tunes ever, it’s great to dance to (see series 1 of the Mighty Boosh) and it reminds me of Bec. Perfect pseudo-jamaican fun. Also check out the remix I did a while ago.

Sacha Baron Cohen - I like to Move It
Maybe I’ll get a slew of young bloggers hitting me up after this post. What an amazing track from one of my favourite animated films. Cohens character, King Julien is hilarious.


Tom said...

Did you know that Tom Bombadil is Gandalf's dad? Knowledge.

I like to do the running man everytime i'm dancing.

ANS said...

Fo Sho? That's knowledge right there! How did you find out?

Tom said...

my boss told me. bombadil is one of the original gods that sang middle earth into existence. it's all in the silmarillion apparently.