Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Up in Smoke

1st of July has arrived! As an avid non-smoker I welcome with open arms Britain’s smoking ban in enclosed public places. We’ll see if it actually has benefits (I’ve already encountered the haze of smoke at the door of a pub where the addicted convene even in the rain and cold) but in principle it’s good. Here are some smoking related tunes to celebrate:

DJ Deekline - I Don't Smoke
Warren G - Smokin' me out ft. Ron Isley
Rolf Harris - Nick Teen and Al K. Hall
Mr. Scruff - Sweet Smoke
Oasis - (As long as they've got) Cigarettes in hell


Tom said...

I Don't Smoke is in my top ten favourite tunes of allll tiiime. i don't smoke a pipe, pipe, pipe, pipe. that bassline is sick.

Tom said...

ha rolf harris! if there's a typically hermitish post then it's surely this one.