Monday, 23 July 2007


It's a crime that this hasn't been posted on a blog aggregated by Hype Machine yet. Well, I suppose it's actually a crime TO post it but that doesn't stop hundreds of bloggers doing their thing does it? Anyway, the actual music is way past copywrite laws although the arrangement is not. If Paganini was cool in his day then hopefully he moved with the times, it can't be possible for him to be spinning in his grave. Someone needs to rhyme over this now!

Andrew Lloyd Webber - Theme (Paganini Caprice in A minor No. 24) and variations 1 - 4 (ft. Julian Lloyd Webber) (zshare)

Buy the albumen at amazon (if that's your retailer of choice).


Renato Pagnani said...

I'm pretty sure my family is related to Paganini somehow. Y'know, common ancestors long, long, long ago.

Tom said...

does anyone realise that the 100 is from HHC not your own brain?

cold chillin with the lloyd webber!