Monday, 9 July 2007

Make Music with my Mouth

Beatboxing - it's great and probably the only element of hip hop left that actually amazes the casual passer-by. DJing; everyone knows a DJ, MCing; everyone has written a comedy rap at primary school, Breaking; see every pop video ever made in the last 5 years and Grafitti, well it's just downright vandalism isn't it? So...Beatboxing, what do I have for you?

The UK Beatbox Championships:

North East Heat - Bigg Tajj
Leeds Heat - The Petebox
London Heat - Faith SFX vs. Beardyman
UK Quarter Final - desebel vs. badfunk
UK Final - Faith SFX

I heard Beardyman on Rob Da Bank's Radio 1 show and he is def my favourite at the mo. Check out his 'Recipe' on Youtube for some fresh beatboxing, that's next level because he's being so creative. I also heard Faith SFX on there a different time with L.Man (watch out for him). Faith provides a perfect backing beat for an MC to rhyme over, there's a vid of him somewhere with Terra Firma too.

Also check out Greg Patillo; man is playing his flute at the same time as beatboxing! Say Wha?!

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