Monday, 2 July 2007

10 Shotts to the sky

10Shott is rapidly becoming one of my favourite UK MC's. Tricksta's UK Runnings mixtapes have brought him to my attention although I previously heard him on a Wolftown mixtape. I'm not really going to say much about him because these tracks (Culled from 'UK Runnings vol. 1' and 'UK Runnings: The National Anthem') give some background.

Conman & 10Shott - Nothin' but Love - Don't really get the 'Cheese' bit in the chorus.
10Shott - All in the Blood - A track about his musical background.
10Shott - Haters - One of the best flows I have heard for a long long time.
10shott ft. Conman - Vicious Circle

This track, also from UK Runnings and Wolftown, deserves a big mention, I love the laid back lazy flow of Reload.

Reload, Late & Conman - Old Skool

Go to Datpiff and search for 'UK Runnings' and you can download 5 of Tricksta's mixtapes, I seriously think they are probably the best UK mixtapes out there. a parting shot(t) I love Sways verse on Baby Blu's remix, especially the line "You'll have to come to terms with that, like a school bag". He's a clever boy. Go get 'The National Anthem' mixtape to hear that.


Tom said...

mmm i like that haters track, good chilled out beats. nice to hear him not totally stressing his accent, just keeping it english.

Anonymous said...

Aiden, hi, this is Lisa Stanway. I work for Zion Records, who 10SHOTT has recently signed to. I do all of 10SHOTTs photography and handle his PR.
We would like contact details for you, email, mobile etc, so that we may contact you in the future re:10SHOTT.
Please send details to