Tuesday, 30 June 2009

ABD and Alphabetix (free downloads)

I think this may be the first example of The Stereophonics being sampled in Hip Hop: ABD's 'Maybe'. ABD, of Northern crew Alphabetix, recently won the Golden Mic Challenge (a rap competition based in Leeds which was hosted by Blade) and this track contains verses he used in the acapella round. The track is produced by 'On The Radar' artist Spee 69

You should also check the more old school sounding 'You Can Bet It's The Betix' which features all the Alphabetix MCs: ABD, I.D. and AngeleS. As individuals and as a crew they come with a different sound to most with AngeleS' female ragga raps and ABD's clear and entertaining Yorkshire flow being the key to their originality.

Check back soon for an interview with ABD.

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