Wednesday, 24 June 2009

‘Ever So Calm’/’Soul Crunk’ - Mancini & the Creepers (single review)

Bristol is known for producing some of the cream of UK music and Mancini & the Creepers are no exception. Their new single ‘Ever So Calm’/’Soul Crunk’ is full of musical passion and rhythm. With Jazz, Soul and Funk being the obvious influences on their brand of UK Hip Hop, Tommy Tempa, Frank Laws and Mancini have created a delicious foretaste of what’s to come.

‘Ever So Calm’ is a cocky but laid back statement of intention and Mancini’s almost spoken word flow is just cool. ‘Soul Crunk’ is a dusty and more lyrical effort that gets a little spacey in the chorus – it also has that swing that’s so fashionable right now – lovely stuff.

‘Ever So Calm’/’Soul Crunk’ is out now on Lula’s Kitchen. Get it and then, like me, you can look forward to more from these guys.

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