Friday, 12 June 2009

'More' - Resin Dogs (album review)

Australian band (but not a band in its traditional sense, they'd have us know) Resin Dogs released their album 'More' this month. It's a Hip Hop affair featuring voices from the US, the UK and Australia – a fact that keeps each track fresh and different.

Haiku D'etat (Aceyalone, Mikah 9 and Abstract Rude) do the opening honours with 'Coming With The Sound' and they set things off on a very good foot – headnods and singalongability. Oneself MC BluRum 13 follows up with 'End Game' with a cool, calm and collected manifesto. Disco beats abound on 'Definition' (click for free download) as Mystro, Hau and Abstract Rude opine on what makes a real MC, none disappoint although UK favourite Mystro does stand out.

More quality Hip Hop follows with a trinity of tracks with more serious musings – but don't worry things are still upbeat (which I'm all for). Yungun chats about the business of life and Abstract Rude discusses how people treat money. Trendy sounding, bashmenty 'Peace & Love' (the albums first single) features Demoliton Man and is just a bit too try hard and out of place. '2 Sides' featuring JSD and MC Wrec uses the reggae influence to better effect. Yungun returns to rightfully brag about his style on 'Nasty' – gotta love this boy's rhymes. Mystro makes some great observations on 'Sex Cells' although some of Abstract Rude's rhymes are just a bit, erm, rude! The album finishes with a 10 minute long Beastie Boys style funk jam session reminiscent of 'The In Sound From Way Out'.

This album has been on rotation in the CB lair, which is fairly unusual – it's a really listenable LP and now I'll be checking for the Resin Dogs back catalogue. I'd advise you buy a copy soon! It's out now on Hydrofunk Records.

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