Monday, 8 June 2009

'Come Together' ft. Leon Rhymes & Source - DJ Redline (free download)

Forget that giant ghettoblaster Leon Rhymes is stood with and tune into his new track with bandmate Source and DJ Redline. You may remember this guy from last year's Queens English album and now he's back with a strange (but good) reggae/dubstep/bassline house hybrid thing - 'Come Together'. He wants you all to listen to it and vibe to it so he's instructed me to distribute this Friday-night-out tune via my blog:


Unknown said...

The link is to the picture you linked. Lol doesn't play in winamp very well.

AD said...

It's fixed!

Unknown said...

hey dude!

can you re-up this pretty please. been looking for this everywhere and this is the only place i can find it.

thank you for such a great blog.