Saturday, 13 June 2009

'Sin City'/'Go' - Kyza (single review)

Kyza the lyricist is truly back. 'Sin City' (download free courtesy of HHC) is the latest single to be lifted off the excellent 'Shots Of Smirnoff' mix CD. Reminiscent of his Terra Firma days, Kyza paints a stark portrayal of any given metropolis with the finest street poetry. Chemo provides the ominous production complete with screaming guitar solos.

'Go' is entirely different; crafted for the club and the grimier heads by Bless Beats (of 'Wearing My Rolex' fame). Kyza spits double time can't-test-me rhymes to match the frantic synth strings – not my usual cup of tea but Kyza pulls it off with style and quality. Bar9 provide a nasty (in a good way) dubstep remix.

'Sin City'/'Go' was released on Dented Records on 1st June.

Check out the HHC website for their little chat with Kyza about drinking, Terra Firma, Violence, UK Hip Hop and the Old Skool.

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