Saturday, 13 June 2009

'Malaria EP' - Virus Syndicate (EP review)

If the Daily Telegraph and the Guardian Guide recommend something then it's got to be good, right? Well I wouldn't trust their opinions on this sort of thing but they may just be right this time.

The 'Malaria EP' (second in the three part 'Break Out Trilogy') is a full-on assault as Nika D, JSD and Goldfinger spit boldly over hyped up, bass ridden productions from both Kromestar and MRK 1. Hip Hop? Grime? Bassline? I dunno, it might just be Dance music. Whatever it is, Manchester boys Virus Syndicate do it better than most – their rapid-fire delivery is clear for a start. 'Anything' and 'Hijak' are both in the same vein – straight up bragging. On 'B**ch' they chat about guys (not girls) who, basically, just annoy them.

The 'Malaria EP' is out on Contagious Music on 6th July but you can buy it here, soon.

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Liam said...

I've heard Hijack off this, and it's pretty sick. I need to get a copy of the whole of the EP - Kromestar's productions have proved utterly sick in the past. Still can't work out whether or not to take Virus seriously - how much of it's a pisstake, d'you reckon?