Monday, 22 June 2009

'The Dave EP' - Dan Lambert (free download)

Check out this EP from UK MC Dan Lambert. Rapped and recorded entirely over Dre beats from '2001' Dan gets into the mind of a guy named Dave and verbalises the thoughts of a reclusive, violent weirdo whose dead cat is now used as a doormat.

Dan displays a knack for storytelling on the slightly gruesome 'Murder' and psychotherapy on 'The End'. Dave is a pretty convincing character - in fact, we probably all know a Dave so this is a compelling and often comical listen. Dan shows his lyrical aptitude making sure that your keep your ears peeled for more from this young MC.


Solocypher said...

This album proves (as if it needed to be) that Dre's beats are the absolute heaviest. That said, Dave does a pretty good job guiding us into his twisted, loner angst fueled world. Job done!

Luke Dowle said...

Big tunes I think, The End is probably the most memorable, but I think Argh Argh is quality too.