Tuesday, 30 June 2009

And now for the US...

Some US Hip Hop I'm feeling now:

Blaq Poet is currently your favourite rapper's rapper and this track, 'Stretch Marks And Cigarette Burns' is representative of why. It's quite reminiscent of some Method Man material, mainly because of the beat but the expletive bleeps contribute also. Not sure I'd like to lick burns and stretch marks but, each to their own.

One of my own favourite rappers chasing dollar right now is Pugs Atomz. He featured on DJ Vadim's latest album and now he's hooked up with Wes Restless and Ill Legit to form The Gent$. Here's a track from them which seems to be called 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' - it's some pretty fun stuff and it's produced by DJ Vadim! If you do feel the boy Pugs then download solo track 'Duwayne and Whitley' too. If you liked The Gent$ collectively then I've just discovered a free album from them boys here. Big up to HHC for still knowing what's what.

Cymarshall Law is doing some nice music right now and this is his latest track with Mr. Joeker: 'King With 4 Wives'. A pretty serious message is taught here and although it could apply to women it actually goes much deeper than that - listen carefully.

On a very different note, here's Royce Da 5'9's new track 'Gun Harmonizing'. It features really big production from Emile and Royce is just so ridiculously hungry on the first leak from 'The Revival EP' which will be out on 7th July. It will include new tracks from Royce’s 'Street Hop' LP along with a new Slaughterhouse track and will be available at all major digital retailers.

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