Friday, 12 June 2009

'We Are To Answer' - Ancient Astronauts (album review)

Nice packaging and artwork always set things off well and Ancient Astronauts made a good impression before I even played 'We Are To Answer'. Music transcends language barriers and the fact that these Germans invited along some British speaking guests helps.

The album opens with a couple of quality musical Hip Hop instrumentals before The Pharcyde stake their claim on the big-drummed, be-fluted 'Classic'. Things get hectic quick on the D'n'B/Breakscore 'Dark Green Rod' and then change tack on the Shadow-esque soul of 'A Hole To Swallow Us' which features Phat Old Mamas on the sings. 'Risin' High' (click for free download) reeks of 90s rap and Raashan Ahmad brings some energised lyrics - a banger.

The ride continues with tracks dissimilar to the one before it yet each contributing to what is a very solid, coherent and enjoyable LP. Eastern vibes, reggae tones with Tippa Irie and Bajka, funk flavours, spaced-out beats and more Hip Hop with Zeph and Azeem all have their place within the cogs of this machine.

If you're looking something with a little diversity and few boundaries then seek out a copy of this album which is out now on ESL Music/Switchstance Recordings.

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