Sunday, 25 November 2007

10Shott - Memory Blank single review

Back in August when I heard this track in the studio with 10Shott this is what I said about it: "'Memory Blank' is a huge, banging track about writers block with an immense hook." Guy, his manager, has been good enough to send me an unmastered version of this track for me to listen to and review. Unfortunately for you lot, it's for my ears only but don't get to sad. Just go to 10Shott's myspace and listen to the snippet he's posted up there!

'Memory Blank', available on download from January the 29th (I'll keep you posted as to where that can be gotten), is musically a great introduction; "world this is 10Shott". Don't let the title mislead you though, somebody who can produce a mixtpe with 30 tracks blatantly doesn't have a problem knowing what to write about. This track is just another in his arsenal of varingly themed raps.

10Shott displays his lyrical prowess by giving us an insight into an artists head. Tenny outlines the downsides of writer's block in a jovial manner. He has the skill of making everyday situations sound amusing and the further skill of doing this in complex rhyme patterns that are clearly delivered in his unimitable flow. Even varying line lengths don't phase 10Shott, if he needs to say more words in one line then he does, it doesn't put him out of time.

The production is original and very catchy. A smile will probably play on your lips as your head nods to the stabbing strings and by the time those ascending and descending piano rolls drop in the chorus this will already be your new favourite tune. To accompany the production 10Shott has written one of the most singable and radio friendly hooks ever to grace UK Hip Hop and before you think it, it's not cheesy or poppy so put your tongues away.

Is 10Shott going to join the few UK heads who have stradled the divide between the underground and radio play? If he doesn't then no-one will.

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Rebecca said...

Great review and so true - this bit made me laugh so much:

"Tenny outlines the downsides of writer's block in a jovial manner."

You are funny :)