Friday, 23 November 2007

Up and coming posts...

Thanks to all who visited yesterday, that was my highest ever visits in a day...maybe because I posted Jay-Z?* This wont stop me posting more underground and local music but if you do check my page and download, leave a comment to show your appreciation.

Check back during the weekend for:

  1. 2 10Shott track reviews
  2. 2 Album reviews
  3. 1 Mixtape review ( Vol. 3)
  4. An exposé of a portion of the Bradford Hip Hop scene
  5. Some tracks I've ripped from vinyl I own
  6. Whatever else takes my musical fancy this weekend.
  7. A possible redesign of the logo

See y'all in the comments box ;)

*No it's cos I posted Beirut - favourites. Might post some Burial and Radiohead and some Interpol now.

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