Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Singled Out no.2 - Redman - Smash Sumthin'/Let's Get Dirty

Adam F, the well known Drum 'n' Bass DJ/Producer created an album on which he collaborated with rappers. This was the single from that album. 'Smash Sumthin'' features, or rather is a track by, Redman. The single in the UK was a double A side with 'Let's Get Dirty'; how lucky are we?!

'Smash Sumthin'' begins with cinematic orchestral sounds and choirs; they are perfect introduction to this grimey bout between two heavyweights. Reggie get's his gloves on and begins vocally jabbing the track. As he provokes, Adam F leaves the ropes. A dirty funk monster is unleashed at which point the two seem to resign themselves to working together. The result is a mean-mugging, claw dance inducing extravaganza. Blow ya horns, smash 'em, crash 'em.

The smashing glass that concludes 'Smash Sumthin'' leaves way for another big fat club banger - 'Let's get Dirty', this time produced by Rockwilder. It's no wonder Christina jacked the concept here, there was blatantly more money to be made. This is basically the original to that R'n'B night staple and personally I'd rather hear this. Red is as hyperactively shouty as he always is on his club tracks. DJ Kool adds some growls to the hardcoreness of the horn laced pounding beat and it's all perfect.

But the next track is a remix, by who? Gorillaz! That man Damon Albarn and that other man Dan the Automater have totally flipped this track and made a once heavy, bass bin shaking heater into a chilled out headnodder. Ahhh, I totally love it! This is what a remix should be. The beat compliments the lyrics but in a way you would never imagine whilst listening to the original. This is one you could come home to after a night of grimacing and stomping along to Wu-Tang tracks.

Smash Sumthin.mp3
Lets get dirty (gorillaz mix).mp3
Lets get dirty.mp3


Tom said...

Bah the Gorillaz remix is le awesome.

I'm on track 3 of Burial's new LP, so far: REEEEDICULOUS!

Anonymous said...

I agree; "Let's Get Dirty" is one of the best club bangers Reggie's ever been associated with, and the Automator remix (I realize that it's truly a Gorillaz mix, but the Automator's one of my favorite producers ever and he deserves his props) is pretty good. Hell, I even like the Aguilera version, and not just because of the scraps of clothing she wore in the video; she also included Redman on the song, giving props to the source of her inspiration.

Anyway, good pick.

Hip Hop Isn't Dead

Analogue said...

Yeah yeah a proper couple of phat ones on here... I have the whole Kaos album and it still gets some plays a few years on... the intro to Adam F and MOP's "Stand Clear" gets murdered by turntablists on the regular.

Redman is fucking dope.