Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Beirut - now I do care!

After the boom in page hits when I posted a Beirut remix of Jay-Z I decided to look into this further. I posted some more remix tracks that I already had from Beirut's 'The Remixes Volume 2' and I also managed to find Beirut's myspace page and I brought you all a link to download 'The Remixes Volume 2'. I also recieved an email from Beirut himself, someone had passed him a link to my page (I think through the SOHH message board). Here's some of what he said:

"This is Beirut, the producer from Los Angeles. Someone sent me a link to your blog in which you mentioned some of the remixes I've done. Just wanted to give you a shout to say that I really appreciate the support from yourself and everyone else who heard and dug the remixes through your blog."

So I emailed him back and asked if he could post up a link to 'The Remixes Volume 1' and he did it in super fast time. Thanks Beirut!

My current favourites from this volume are:

These tracks are all quality in their own right but the remix production is so tight it sounds like these MC's rhymed over these beats to begin with. I just love the quality samples he uses, keep checking me for further heat from Beirut (and believe me there will be heat on the way) and possibly a little interview.

Oh yeah, thanks for the anonymous commenter who only proved that people do go on blogs and download anything. If you don't want this quality music interupting your playlist, don't download it. Simple innit? And don't call me a schmuck, that's just lame.


Anonymous said...

Yes! I love you!

laetitia said...

KT Tunstall covers the Bangles

Love her new video for walk like an egyptian
anyone know if she's been playing this at her live shows?