Thursday, 8 November 2007

Prof Green

Prof Green (short for Professor Green) is a London MC who came up through battling. He is the latest signing to Mike Skinner's The Beats label. He is playing The Mint Club in Leeds next week and I'm off to review it. He's well known for having fallen off a stage during a battle at The Jump Off, check out the footage!

I contacted the promoter and he tells me Mike Skinner (of The Streets fame) is going to be there and there is a possibilty of me interviewing him; awesome!

Get yourself there, it's next Thursday and it starts at 10 o'clock!

Sample some tunes:

Professor Green - Hard night out.mp3
Professor Green - Hard night out DB.mp3
Professor Green - Addicted remix.mp3
Professor Green - Upper Clapton Dance.mp3
Professor Green - Before I Die.mp3