Tuesday, 20 November 2007


Q: Why did a promotions company who were only meant to be sending me Hip Hop related stuff send me Pash?
A: Because Hip Hop producer Frequency has remixed 'Kill Rich Boys II'.

I took a quick look on Frequency's myspace page and was delighted by what I found. If you check that link then you'll see the extensive list of rappers he's produced for (Snoop, Wordsworth, Cam'ron...). The MC's that were featured on his player were not ones I'd usually listen but on myspace you can't really help it can you? They just come on! Well I'm glad they do.

I'd heard a few things bout Red Café and I dismissed him because his wigedywhack name. Red Café? Café Rouge? I went there the other day. What next? MC Donalds? KFC Crew? That's not the name of a rapper! Anyway, the dramatic introduction to his track 'Invincible' grabbed me right away and I was hooked. Café actually flows pretty nicely and whilst his hood commentary is nothing new it's the beat that really makes this track.

The Cam'ron (can't believe I'm posting this) track - 'Y'all Can't Live' - is another horn driven, triumphant hood track with a riff that sounds like the one out of Cream's 'Layla'. He shoulda left out those annoying backing singers though.

Juganot's track 'En Why Cee' is an ode to New York and it's chilling. The instrumental is so mellow whilst the beats bang in just the right places. The scratched up chorus is nice, that's been missing from Hip Hop and it needs to be brought back in a big way.

Check out Frequency on up and coming Raekwon tracks (possibly on the 'Only Built For Cuban Links II?).

Cam'ron - Y'all Can't Live (prod by Frequency).mp3
Red Cafe - Invincible (prod by frequency).mp3
Pash - Kill Rich Boys II (Frequency Remix).mp3
Juganot - En Why Cee (prod by Frequency).mp3

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