Monday, 19 November 2007

Singled Out no.1 - Lionrock - Straight At Yer Head

"What you get is what you see not what they say..."

...the words of MC Buzz B as featured on this recording by Lionrock. This wise statement maybe true in some cases but right now you're going to get what you see AND what I (me being they) say. Despite having a name that reminds me only of the vicar (Mr. Busby) of the parish where my first primary school was, this not-very-famous MC flows just lovely. I still know all the rap/poem now and it's deep in a simple way.

This was one of the first CD singles I ever bought (possibly the second), stay tuned to learn what the first was. I still love the title track to this day and I can never tell which of the two featured versions I prefer. This, although not strictly Hip Hop, paved the way for my love of UK Hip Hop before I even knew it existed. When this was released in 1996 I was either 12 or 13 and was just developing my musical preferences and was more likely to be found listening to Brit-pop or my dad's music.

If you like Faithless or Massive Attack, down-tempo break beats, trip-hop or Hip Hop then I suggest you have a listen to 'Straight At Yer Head'. The bonus tracks are big-beat/dance respectively.

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Fat Roland said...

Ah memories. Justin Robertson was an absolute god for a short time in the 90s. Lionrock and... what was that other great roof-raiser of a band... Death In Vegas.