Saturday, 3 November 2007

Get Cained and things

If you are in or around the Bradford are and you like any number of the advertised genres then you should really check this out. For £3 you can hardly go wrong can you? I can fully vouch for the greatness of Spida Lee (gotta love that Huddersfield accent) and you all must know I like 9 Lives Clik. Don't Talk To Strangers should be a blast too, just as long as they bring their backing tracks and not the vocal ones.

As for the venue, I went there once and it's a classy place, one to take the missus to. but you could also go with your mates, don't get me wrong.

On the more direct, I want music now, front you should really go to the Blunted Presents blog. They've got bare mixes for you to download. Some of them are Hip Hop, some are Drum 'n' Bass, others are Funk and there are some that mix it all up with a bit of reggae reggae sauce. The latest one is by Tom Caruana who, if you look back in my posts, or if you click on the tab with his name, I have already posted on here.

It's now the weekend and I'm glad. Because of work I missed the chance to go to two free gigs this week. Double D Dagger on Wednesday and Crystal Castles on Thursday. Sadness.


Tom said...

Yeah let's get cained. mental good or mental bad on the b'more front?

BANE said...

I promise we'll remember the instrumental tracks this time!

ANS said...

ha, cool. Looking forward to it!