Wednesday, 14 November 2007


These blokes have a great collective beard.

That's not all I'm going to say, I'll also say (well write) this:

A guy from this band just emailed me a few minutes ago, before then I'd never heard of them. Now I have, and now I'm posting about them. Good turn around eh? I'm not usually a fan of electronica glitch stuff but when it's this good and it's coupled with samples of instrumentation I can't resist. The songs are eclectic audio mentalism and are actually beautiful and banging at the same time, it's some weird recipe but it sure tastes nice.

They are from Argentina and they have all worked under their own names on many musical projects as well as on five albums as a band. If you want the full lowdown go to their myspace page, there is a very detailed biography there. Also go to their lovely website, and try to get on the english version; I couldn't. Even if you can't, go on the Espanolish version and go to the download section, there are bare tracks there.

Here are the tracks the kindly sent me, enjoy:

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