Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Mystic Man & Eshaman Jaro - Cheshire Cat

When I was younger I was taught to play the piano. Nowadays I’m not too hot on the old keys but whenever I get a little chance I’ll tinkle those ivories. My repertoire consists of half of ‘Maple Leaf Rag’ by Scott Joplin, ‘Tiger Blues’ by Christopher Norton and a number of Hip Hop piano loops. Mystic Man & Eshaman Jaro have come up with another track that’ll have me hammering those whites and blacks next time I’m round my parents house.

A quick google and myspace search only serves to confuse me further as to who’s behind this. Sure, I have the press review which is bare helpful but I like to see things online! Type in Eshaman Jaro and you get 2 results (nearly a googlewhack…kind of) and they both relate to York Uni’s online journals; interesting but unenlightening. Apparently Eshaman Jaro is MC Escha. This isn’t the M.C. Escher who draws mind bending doodles or the American MC by the same name; it’s another bloke. Another bloke with a nice bouncy British vocal flow.

‘Chesire Cat’ would be slinky if it wasn’t the crazed offspring of sibling genres Jazz and Funk. Mark ‘Merka’ Ford has layered, with a salute to break beats, the aforementioned piano loop with soulful strings and voices, a smoky double bass, skittering brushed snares and more piano riffs. This mix has been finished off with a warm reverb; perfect for those winter nights. It’s coming just in time for said evenings too – it’s released on December the 10th on Fat! Records.

With grounding in word play the lyrics are intelligent and entertaining. However there is no specific message to be heard. There’s no revelation to be experienced as a result of the words but in no way is this track brainless. A sense of joy will creep through your fibres as you listen to this and in it’s closing few seconds you’ll be content that the tune has had a positive influence on you in one way or another.

The Gella remix is a dirty, fuzzy slap bass fuelled romp more likely to be heard in a club. A healthy dose of scratching, chopped and phased lyrics, drum breaks, a ride cymbal and a hint of electro ramps this up to get you moving.

The album ‘Heavy Weather’ will be dropping early in 2008, but meanwhile, jam on this homies.

Thanks to Lou @ Trailer for sending me this and more!


Unknown said...

isn't this just an mc escher rip off??

AD said...

How do you mean?