Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Home Sweet Home - ExP, JND & Freyed Knot

On Saturday I intend to attend 'Get Cained' at the PM Freestyle Lounge in Shipley, Bradford. This is ten minutes away from where I live so I felt I should represent my locality. My Leeds favourites 9 Lives Clik are gonna be there and Spida Lee from Huddersfield (Haven't told you about him yet) is headlining. The bill alerted me to some local Hip Hop that I'd previously been ignorant of.

With the internet hidden talent doesn't stay hiddenfor long once you look for it. A quick keyword search on google or myspace and you'll be listening to new music before your eyes are even open. The flyer advertised ExP and JND and as every aspiring artist is today -they're on myspace, they've got tracks to download too. They are both in a cleverly named band, 'Freyed Knot', and they've got skills that measure up to most credible UK MC's.

ExP is short for Experimentality and he has a really really nice website; I'm quite jealous of it! Head over there after you've read this, or open it in another tab and have a soundtrack to this post courtesy of the audio section. This bloke is making moves with his humourous and clever lyrics, funky beats, bradford representing and some self promotion.

JND is ExP's mate, who has a myspace page, is also handy with his when he's weilding a mic. Compared to ExP, JND's tracks appear to be darker and less jaunty on the whole. As a fan of both fun and funky Hip Hop and rap of a more heartfelt, lamentious (?!) ilk I can get down with JND too.

They are both (as I think I've mentioned) in a full band (with instruments and everything) called Freyed Knot. The band seem to have loads of original material, they too have an audio page on their own website. If you like what you hear then you'll probably have the patience to listen to the solo versions of 'Ego Trip' by JND and 'Deep in the Valley' by Exp and to then compare them to the versions they do with the band. Freyed Knot are tight, funky and often 'rockin'' and I look forward to seeing them live as do I anticipate their solo act on Saturday night.

If you are on your grind in or around Bradford and Leeds hit me up (down, sideways...) with an email, some tracks, dates, videos or anything that you think I might like (as long as it's to do with beats or rhymes - no life thank you very much).


Anonymous said...

Hi! I don't think JND & ExP are appearing this Saturday but I know the full band is playing at the same place the night before on the 30th! should be a good one. Incidentally, the Freyed Knot DJ, Michael Bravo, is the organiser of Saturday's Get Cained!

Tom said...