Friday, 16 November 2007

1940's Movie for her!

Here is my fiancee singing a Christmas jingle for a Pringles competition. If we win, we can pay for our honeymoon so please, please take the time to vote for us. Even if you don't like it.
Click on this link and vote now! Thanks so know it's a good cause!

If you ever downloaded a track from here then really owe me don't ya? Show your heart!

Oh and watch this space for my rap pringle's gonna be big!

And cheekily, just to get this post on hype machine, I'm going to post the new EPMD song. Now you know they are legends in the game and they have recently put all differences behind/aside and have got back together!Yay!


Rebecca said...

Still can't see it!!

Tom said...

Ha i'm getting bombarded with this song! First an email, then a facebook, and now a certified banger post!

Guess i'd better vote for it then.

Will your rap jingle not be in direct competition?

And good skills Bec for the track!

Rebecca said...

yeah but there are 11 prizes of £2,000 to win so we could win twice!!