Friday, 22 October 2010

'The 140 Show' - Franko Fraize (review)

Franko Fraize is an MC I've been supporting for a couple of years now. I featured him on the 'On The Radar' series and have seen him go from strength to strength.

His latest release is the free download 'The 140 Show'. Franko has never hidden his love for both Hip Hop and Grime and this release sees him perform both styles admirably. Mosttracks are a fusion of both styles whilst many tracks stray into Dubstep territory, with a general slant towards electronica. All tracks are produced by long-time collaborator DJ I.C.

Tracks like 'Locking It Down' display pure skill from all involved, as well as a potential for mass appeal (without any watering down as is usual). 'Grinding Forever' has a West Coast feel to it, without sounding anything like something, say Dr. Dre, would produce. 'Spar With The Master' is the perfect combination of MC and Dubstep, the sword sound effects sound awesome too!

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