Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Instance Interview #2

"I think properly blowing in the UK would present any underground artist with a dilemma. Do you want to make serious money out of music or not?"

The second Certified Banger interview with rapper Instance was about due and with a new free EP just dropping and a long player just around the corner, now seemed like a good time:

Certified Banger: Yo Instance. What’s going on? What’s been happening since the last time we interviewed you?

Instance: Hello sirrrrr, good to be back, it’s been a while (early 2008 I think). Things have been sweet man. Since we last spoke I dropped my last LP ‘Demographic’, and got on the grind promoting that out of Leeds. We had the usual problem of getting a decent distribution deal for the physical product. We thought f**k it so and me and Mike D from Subterrania rinsed the North with street promotion, think we sold/blagged/traded to the tune of 2000 copies. Since then there’s been another 2 free mixtapes; ‘Collision Course’ and ‘Heavy Rotation’ which were pretty unconstrained and lots of fun. Apart from the studio stuff, I put on a few hip hop nights in Leeds. Despite having a few run-ins with the council and environmental health our nights were always packed and live-o! Big up to everyone who came, even if you did graff up the toilets! NOTHING compares to the nerves you feel before you hold an event that you’ve put £1000 of your own money into - your balls are on the chopping block as a promoter! It’s a different sort of rush though! Erm, what else? I’ve been expanding my design portfolio, including a handful of album art work covers namely for Defenders of Style and Northern Hostility. I’ve made some more links, burnt a few bridges, but that’s life.


shelley said...

He is so fit. Saw him in leeds and bought his album, cant wait for the new one! x

Anonymous said...

what a fucking twat, who cant even rap, fucking poser tosser ha ha what a joke

Anonymous said...

(and the toys fly out the pram) u fucking little pussy..

Instånce said...

Jokes.. big up shelley! Shadow lurkin hater can choke on a D! K-pow!